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Arulmigu Mandhai Karuppanaswamy, Melur

About Temple

      Arulmigu Mandhai Karuppanaswamy Vellalur is a village deity and he is always found in the outer area of the village. There are no temple like are in this place. The karuppasamy is also in the open area. He is black in colour with weapons like arrow, bow, swords, knives, sickle. He is having a dark moustache and having a weapon. The appearance of the God is very big with Dog, Elephant and House. Here is also tree with Chain and Bells. The Chain is tied with Trees. The main Karuppasamy temple is in Madurai Alagar koil. He is called Pathinettampadi Karuppu. But there is no God in this area. There are a doors with 18 steps. Sickle (Aruval) is the important weapons of this temple. Once in a year the village people celebrate the festival to this God.

Temple Overview
Pooja Name
Pooja Time
Kaalasanthi 6.00 A.M
Uchikaalam 12.00 A.M
Saayarachai Pooja 5.00 P.M
Ardhajama Pooja 8.00 P.M
Special Pooja will be on Friday

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  • Tuesday & Wednesday & Ammavasai
  • Chitra Pournami Peruvizha
  • Aadi kuthuvilakku
  • Deepa Thiruvizha
  • Annadanam
  • Month of Maasi (Masimagam Second Week)

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